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Mastery Paths or Alternative for Automated Certification

Question asked by Cynthia Padavano on Oct 9, 2018
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I have a program in my university that wants to have an automated certification program system through Canvas (if possible). Basically a user will take a quiz, and depending on the points they earn, will get a page (certificate) auto-generated for them to download for their records. The Certificates are 3-leveled (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) and depending on the score they reach (75-65, 64-50, 49-35) the page for that certificate only will open. They also want a "Please Try Again" page to show when a user scores below 35 points. Then they would repeat this process with other certificate quizzes they create (in other modules).


  • Example: Certification Quiz #1 - user earned 73 points --> Canvas makes "Gold Certificate" page available to user only


I tried doing this through Mastery Paths, but I only get 3 conditional fields and the last one is set to end at"0 points". I do not want to do "or" because the user should not be able to select the item they need to view, it should auto-generate.



Their alternative is to use Google Forms but then that involves the team reviewing scores and manually e-mailing certificates to each user based on points earned. The program wants to have an automated system with little monitoring. 


In addition, setting Module Requirements, is not doable since it does not hide items based on points earned like Mastery plan.


My questions today are:

1. Is there a way to ADD another conditional field to Mastery Paths so I can have another page open up based on the score earned?


2. Is there another option in Canvas that can be done to achieve this objective?


Thank you,

Cynthia P.