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Week 3 Medicolegal Questions

Question asked by Jada Rogers on Oct 8, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2018 by Stefanie Sanders

Remember the stipulations: 

"Answer all the questions as if you work for an Oregon physician's office.  I am looking for very specific answers. 

Remember, you can use the Q & A Discussion Forum to get help from other students.  In my face-to-face class, we do this assignment in groups.  To do well on this assignment, you will need to have read ALL the reading material (refer to the links in the mandatory reading page).  This assignment is worth twice as much as the other assignments because of its importance and because it is more difficult than most.

You will be graded on whether the answer is correct or not. There are definite answers to each, so don't just guess."


The first two questions seemed particularly easy; at this time I have NOT looked beyond the third question. So let's see what geniuses our respective peers are...