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Google Drive and Sharing/Permissions

Question asked by Ethan Contini-Field on Jul 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2015 by Ethan Contini-Field

I know how to embed Google docs and videos into Canvas pages, but currently it looks like the only way to do so is to make the Google docs publicly available (or at least, to anyone who has the link). I also know that Canvas allows any user to link their Canvas account with a Google account.


My question is: If all students in a particular class had a Google account linked to their Canvas account, would it be possible to set the privacy settings of the embedded Google Drive content (docs, sheets, videos) such that it would only be visible to students enrolled in the class?  That is, if I'm a student and I'm logged in to my Canvas and linked Google account, I can view the docs in the course as I'd like to, and when I edit a doc those changes are marked with my name... but if I try to email the link to those embedded documents (link to a doc itself, not to the Canvas page in which it's embedded) to a friend of mine who is not in the class, the friend would not be able to view them.


Does anyone know if this is possible? Any chance this might be possible using the Google Classroom API (which I otherwise know nothing about...)