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Standards-Based Grading in Rubrics

Question asked by on Jul 17, 2015
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Hi All,


This is the first year my team and I will be using Canvas with our students. We are in the process of setting up our courses and I have some questions about the grade book that I'm not able to figure out, or find answers to, in the help section. Any help you can provide would be stellar!


1) We are trying to move away from communicating success via percentages and traditional letter grades. We would like our grade book to reflect words for progress (accomplished, successful, needs revisions) and hide the percentages. I am currently not able to find a way to do this. Does this exist as an option in the grade book that I am missing or is there a work around? I did set up the grading scheme (accomplished = percentage range, successful = percentage range, needs revisions = percentage range) so under total in the grade book I am seeing this word attached to a percentage, but we want to see this wording reflected on each assignment.


2) We imported content that has point values attached to the quizzes (50 pts, 100 pts, etc). We want all of our assessments to be worth 3 points. Is there a way to change the overall quiz points as opposed to going in and changing how much each question is worth within a quiz to get to this number (this would be tedious and take forever to do).


We were able to do both of the above things in our old LMS, and I am just trying to find out if Canvas has the capacity for this.


Thanks for your time!