Vote for Restrict Access to Canvas Catalog

Discussion created by jsowalsk@umd.edu Champion on Oct 10, 2018

Hi everyone,


Please upvote this feature idea: Restrict Access to Canvas Catalog 


We would like to have a way to be able to restrict non-UMD (gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail.com etc.) types of email addresses at the sub-catalog level for particular courses who only want UMD students, faculty, and staff to enroll in their courses. The reason being is that if a department posts a course link on an external webpage anyone in the world would be able to enroll in this course.


As a workaround currently, we have posted the below content on the course cards to try to have people not enroll in courses even though if they select the enroll button they will be able to enroll in the course.


Thank you in advance,