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What's happened to drop-down lists in Canvas?

Question asked by Stephen Simpson on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by Kona Jones

I've noticed (since the last feature release, I believe) that all the drop-down lists throughout Canvas now default to a blank box, requiring users to click the drop-down list open to see the selected option.  This is kind of strange, to me, as it requires a lot of extra clicks to reassure myself that my course settings, for example, are as desired.  If it wasn't so prevalent, I'd think it was a bug.


Here's an example.  I've added a prerequisite to a module, but I can't see what it is without clicking on the drop-down list.  Not very cool.





Anyway, I was unable to search successfully for an existing discussion related to this topic, so I appreciate any assistance/insight that can be provided here.  Thanks!