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Move groups between sets

Question asked by Nick Salamun on Oct 12, 2018
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I have a course where groups 2-10 were created in a group set titled "Student Groups", however a group set called "Group 1" was also created and has Group 1 in it. Students have already started collaborating in all the groups. Is there a way to move Group 1 out of the Group 1 Set and into the Project Groups Set?


I just don't want to create a new group since they already have work in their group discussion.


Other than being slightly confusing for the professor, will this affect anything? Students will still just see Group 1 as a group, regardless of what set it's in. If there's no easy way to move the group is it worth it to create a new one in the proper set and have students start over? I created a Group 1 group in the Student Groups set, would it be better to delete this so as not to confuse the students?


Thank you!