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Adding a customisable (clickable) compound image within a page

Question asked by David Millington on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by David Millington

A reduced quality image with embedded boxes that when clicked go to other urls.

I am trying to embed an image with clickable elements within a page RCE ( the above is a reduced quality illustration with boxes that when clicked navigate the user to other pages or external urls.) A table will do this to a basic level, but it will not suffice if the buttons overlay the main image. For more complex images (like one illustrated), a table does not suffice because of the difficulty aligning all the image slices.  A more satisfactory solution is to have one image already created with the clickable slices embedded. I have already created the image and slices within Photoshop, but I am experiencing great difficulty trying to make it work within a Canvas page. The best I can do is upload the index html page and slices to the file area, and then link from a button on the home page. This technique is not pretty, is clumsy and presents potential security challenges if files are not restricted. If I open the index page in a text editor and copy the html across to the html page, I can't get the slices to align.


I am aware that customisable links may be added through JavaScript in the Theme editor, but it seems to me those edits are global.Does anyone have any solutions for this through the RCE of a page? Thanks.