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Grade Book averaging grades incorrectly

Question asked by Kelly Perez on Oct 16, 2018
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I was alerted by most of my students today that all their in-class assignments, that I manually enter a grade for, are showing up as missing and giving the students a very low grade. I did some reading up on this and it says because the students didn’t upload an assignment technically the assignment is missing. No matter what setting I play with I can’t remove this problem and it’s lowering the student's grade. It shows their scores such as 20/20 but it’s averaging 0/20. 
I can deal with the missing and tell my stressed-out students to overlook it BUT how do I get the gradebook to average the correct score?!
What's weird... the (A) students handed in their paper the same way as the (F) students. So why is the gradebook averaging As for some and Fs for others?
The first column, Primary Sources (an assignment we completed in class)
Here are my settings: