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How do I schedule/automate the running and export of an account report?

Question asked by Chris Bigenho on Oct 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by Peter Love

I would like to be able to #schedule the #grade report for my sub-account so that it will run (refresh) daily. I would ideally like to do this through an API so that I can get the csv to be sent to a specific folder where I can then have the file sorted using a script in Python. The script will identify students of note (above 85), students to watch (below 75) and students in trouble (below 70). I have the python script working but would like to remove the manual running and exporting of the grade report file. If you know of scripts out there that will get me part of the way, I can take it from there. I may want to schedule other reports to run and export so perhaps some sort of scheduler script?