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What is meant by "Late Submissions"

Question asked by Ken Black Expert on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by Katrina Hess

What, exactly, is meant by the number of students with Late Submissions or, for that matter, the definition of On Time looking at the student table view in the Beta Analytics?  I have looked at a sample course in Beta with this enabled.  Looking at ALL students, I can see something just like the screen capture shown under the Student Table heading in the release notes.  In my case, the class I was looking at had 22 students.  When I click on the 19 with Late Submissions tab, indeed 3 students are no longer listed.  But that's the crux of my question.  What is the cut-off for this tab, because in the table listing 22 Total Students, NO ONE has 100% in the On Time column, so in theory everyone should also be listed under the with Late Submissions tab.  But no....clicking on the 19 with Late Submissions, the 3 students who are missing had 77%, 84%, and 88% in the On Time column.  But students who had (for example) a 74% in the On Time column are listed among those with Late Submissions.


Basically, my feeling is that we need a few more detailed definitions of the terms used here, either on the screen or as notes somewhere.  If I'm having them as an administrator, I'm certain to get them from our faculty as this goes live.  Thanks!