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Question asked by Kathy Thoen on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by Cory Chitwood

I am working on putting files in Canvas for tenure.  I am completing this for those persons within our college.  Is there a way to add a module within a module so we can collapse things as we are working on them to make the list shorter and easier to work with?  For example, we have a general area that we keep all of the files in over the years.  I would like to add 2018-19 and then have 2nd year and a list of people, 3-5 years and a list of people, etc.  I'd like to be able to have the option to collapse these by person and by section and by year.  It looks like only modules can do this, but then they are separate and if I collapse 2018-19, it only collapses those things under that direct module.  Is there a way to sub-module?