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Item analysis results unreadable/unusable

Question asked by Beck Hasti on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2019 by Beck Hasti

The item analysis results I get are unreadable/unusable. Some examples:


In all of these cases I created the questions and answers entirely in Canvas and they show up correctly when students take the quiz. As you can see from the questions I ask, given that it is a Discrete Mathematics class, I make heavy use of Canvas' math equation tool in its editor. The answers also have math equations in them and the item analysis appears to have 3 random? ways of displaying the results:

  • showing the image link (annoying, but at least I can tell from the alt tags which answer choice they correspond to)
  • showing "No answer text provided" (useless)
  • showing absolutely nothing (blank - also useless)


Note that the second and third ways give me completely useless information since I don't have any way to match up the order Canvas is showing the possibilities with the order I gave when I created the question (for example, the one with the blank answer options, in the version of the question in the quiz itself, "none of these" is the last option).


This happens in both Firefox and Chrome.


Is this a known bug of Canvas? Is there any plan to fix this? Is there any workaround for this, e.g., can I download the item analysis so I can try to match up what Canvas is showing me with actual answer options (if so, where do I find that within Canvas)?