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Free Form Comments on Rubrics

Question asked by Michael Espey on Oct 18, 2018
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I am struggling to find a solid answer on the topic and I would like to have an informed response when I am asked about Free Form Comments when employing a Rubric in SpeedGrader.


We had a faculty member that had been importing and reusing comments from year to year on a midterm paper, well long story short the rubric was removed then when it was added back to the assignment the comments were gone. I am curious what the intended functionality for these comment banks is supposed to be. Also are they tied to the Rubric object or the Assignment?


I was under the impression that they were tied to the Rubric and that is why, year to year, they were moving to the current course. When we removed it and it never came back I started to second guess myself and now it seems that they are actually in the Assignment and they were being moved from year to year in error with that not being intentional.


As a note, the rubric was removed on 10/5 (right before the rubric free form comment bug was introduced) so I thought it was tied to the bug, but when they didn't come back after the fix was rolled out I landed on that it had to have just been a coincidence.


I tried to search around for other topics of the sort and couldn't find much of anything that is related and the docs don't mention anything about imported assignments/rubrics from what I read.


Any insight from anyone more experienced with Canvas could provide would be amazing.


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