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Analytics 2 Chart feedback

Discussion created by Craig Thompson on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by Katrina Hess

Beside the "Course Grade" title, there's a v-icon for a drop down menu. The drop down menu has only one item. This appears useless.


In the comparison filters box, there's also a v-icon, which is un-clickable. This appears to be useless.


In the comparison filters box, there's a small "x" on user-added filters. But, clicking anywhere on the filter-pill will remove the filter. The "x" is superfluous.


When viewing with multiple filters, sometimes the markers in the chart perfectly overlap. In this case, it's not possible click on the marker that is underneath. When comparing two students, this can give the impression that one student did not submit the assignment, when in fact their marker is just obscured by another marker.


Why can't the Course average be remove from the filter list? Use case: I want to compare 3 students, and I don't care about the Class average.


Entering an assignment name in the comparison filter box does not filter, it performs a "select" operation, equivalent to clicking on a marker for an assignment. This behaviour is inconsistent with adding a filter for a student or a section, and should be split out into a different interaction. If both a single student, and the class average are displayed, entering an assignment name in the filter box will "select" one of them, but not both. This is surprising to the user.


"Filter" is a misnomer in the filter box. Every time you "add" a filter, more data points are displayed. Typically, filtering reduces the number of data points.


The counts on the three filter tabs are not clear, and inconsistent. By default, the Course average is displayed, and the "total students" tab counts all 10 students in my course. When I add a filter for one student, the "total students" tab now counts 1 student, even though the chart still displays the "course average" markers, representing all 10 students, PLUS the markers for the single student.


The "filter tabs" don't filter "students", as their naming suggests (to me). Instead, they filter which assignments are displayed: all, only those assignments where at least one student has not submitted, and only those where at least one student submitted late. When the count in the tab is "0", and I click on it, and see data points, I'm very confused.


When viewing a summary card for an assignment, clicking anywhere outside the card should close the card, not just the "x" in the top right corner.


Hovering on the assignment/discussion/quiz icon on the x-axis of the chart should display the name of the item. The information value of the tics on the x-axis is too low as-is.


"Chart Options" is a poor name for the kebab menu, as the data may be displayed as either a table or chart.


Under the "Chart Options" kebab menu, it's possible to check on/off the "display shapes" option, after selecting "Data Table". This doesn't make sense.


In the chart, assignments without due dates appear to the left of those with due dates, this is the reverse behaviour from legacy analytics.