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"Message Students Who" issues

Discussion created by Craig Thompson on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Katrina Hess

Issue #1: Unclear labeling in BCC line
Steps to reproduce:
1. Add two filters, for two students (one of whom has a missing assignment).
2. Click on "Message Students Who"
3. Choose "Missing"
4. in the "BCC" row, I see the names of two students, followed by the label "1 Students"

Problem: this is not clear, if only one of my students will be messaged, just show the one name.
(See Screen Shot 1.png)


Issue #2: incorrect group in BCC line
1. Added a section filter
2. Click on the chart marker for a single section/assignment
3. Click on the "Message Students Who" icon
4. In the "BCC" row, I see "All Sections", when I expect to see the name of the section I have filtered to and selected (e.g. "102")

Note: this issue seems inconsistent: some of my sections/assignments work as I would expect, whereas others display "All Sections" in the BCC line
(See Screen Shot 2.png)