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Total Grade column warns about muted assignments, but there are none muted?

Question asked by Holly Nerone on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2019 by Ariel Jagusztyn

I am trying to troubleshoot for two fellow faculty members, an issue where the total grade column in a course shows the "muted bell" icon; and, when hovering over the grade, a message comes up that indicates the grades shown there will differ from those the student sees, as "some of the assignments are muted."


In each case both the faculty member and I have gone through every assignment in each of these two courses, and none of the assignments are muted.


I also looked back at previous sections for these courses (spring 2018, for example) - and the same thing is showing up in those older sections, in the total grade column, despite those courses being successfully processed for final semester course grades.


Has anybody else had this issue? We are closing out one 8-week term and that aligns with the requirement to sync midterm grades for our 16-week term... so this is going to be a huge issue if we cannot figure it out. Thank you in advance for any guidance or suggestions!