Analytics 2 Feedback

Discussion created by KRISTIE BAYLESS on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Katrina Hess

This probably dovetails with other suggestions.  I haven't had time to read through the other comments.

1. When clicking on the student's name, we'd like for the system to go to their grade screen (not the gradebook).  From there it would be easy to see comments, the original submission, etc.

2. When clicking on the blue dot for the assignment, and then clicking on the assignment's title, we'd like the system to direct to the assignment page.

3. On the assignment popup, we'd like to have dots on the line graph representing the student scores.  When rolling over these dots, we'd like the student names to appear.  I realize this would be difficult for courses with massive enrollments, but for courses with up to 40-50, it should work.

4. When clicking on the student's name in the legacy analytics, we like the ability to move from student to student using the forward/back arrows.

5. We'd like to see the assignments presented in some type of order (probably date would be best) and with the ability to filter into smaller subsets by date range or assignment group.  Many of our teachers have quite a few assignments over the course of the term.  Viewing the scores for smaller groups of assignments would be helpful.