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More options for organizing discussions?

Question asked by Guntis Smidchens on Oct 20, 2018
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My class has four modules, each containing a set of about 10-15 items to discuss one-by-one. 


We finish each module with a big round-up discussion of the 15 items.


Then we go on to another module & set of items & discussions.  But students are encouraged to revisit and continue discussions from previous modules.


This gets very messy with only three options in canvas - pinned, unpinned, closed for discussion. If a student misses a day or two, it's impossible to understand all of the ongoing discussions, some current, some less important, and some peripheral. 


Is there any way of separating out modules / groups of smaller, related discussions?


What I need is some kind of organized "discussion rooms" for sets of related discussions, for example: 


Module 1

-discussion 1 (pinned), 9 other discussions (unpinned)


Module 2

-discussion 1 (pinned), 9 other discussions (unpinned)




Please help.