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Truncated Admin Logs

Question asked by cesbrandt on Oct 22, 2018
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Update 2018-10-29 9:37 GMT-4

I found the when in the commit logs on GitHub (truncate large syllabus changes in course change auditor · instructure/canvas-lms@f5d35de · GitHub). Seems the update was made on 2018-09-12, and the comment says that it "closes #CORE-1694," but I can't find what that's actually referring to. It's not an issue ID on GitHub and there's no other detail regarding the reasoning for the change.


I've also been through the release notes since the change was made and could find no mention of this change, which seems a bit odd for something used by the official UI.


Original Post 2018-10-22 12:06 GMT-4

So, we used to be able to look up changes to the syllabus and get the full code changes, but now the API appears to be truncating it.




When did this happen? Why did this happen? Is there a way to get the non-truncated logs back? Some setting in the API call, maybe?


Here's why this is important to us: we use the syllabus page as the Course Homepage with a custom grid block display that faculty frequently break. Using the same API call used to retrieve the Admin Logs list (/api/v1/audit/course/courses/:course_id?id=:course_id), we created a little Userscript that allowed our support to basically 1-click fix the grid blocks by restoring them from the first log entry where the syllabus_body was modified. Now, these calls are being truncated at 997 characters (+ 3 for the ellipsis to make 1,000 displayed in the log entries), which breaks the script because the code is too long.


This also breaks manually looking up the code in the logs to restore them, requiring that the blocks be manually rebuilt from scratch.