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Download all Files for Students?

Question asked by Administrator on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by Kona Jones

This question came to me in a direct message.  Rather than answering it privately I thought I'd post it here and left the community respond so that others with the same questions might benefit.


Direct message begins:

Im asking this questions in the point of view as a student. Because of my intimate knowledge of Canvas I was one of those students who would organize and delete my submissions now and then. A few weeks ago we had an update where students can now download all submissions. I am struggling with this a bit because of these reasons


1) I cannot pick and choose the courses

2) I no longer have access to the actual files --> A realize this is good to prevent students from deleting submissions

3) every time I download, it takes ALL my courses of my canvas student lifetime --> that includes both in sandboxes and real SIS courses.

4) pretty cool it lists all the courses that I am  teacher in, but not the courses I am a student (perhaps this is because of the way Files area is linked to the course).


Or is the problem because of my dual role in Canvas?