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Hit & Miss:  Audio Comments in Speed Grader

Question asked by J. Melissa Blankenship on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Ken Black

This semester I decided to try the audio feedback feature in Speed Grader.  When it works, it is great.  When it does not, it is a total waste of time.  The issue here is Flash, which my university no longer pushes to computers, and which I cannot enable.  


At work:

Neither Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge work with Audio Feedback.  The message "Flash player required" displays and the spinning, wait-for-connection gif displays.  My IT department advised me to hunt out Internet Explorer on my computer because it has Flash embedded in it.  And most of the time it works.


At home:

Chrome works...most of the time. 


What I like about audio feedback is the amount of time it can save me.  I can explain much more in an audio recording than I can type.  It speeds up my grading.  When it works.


Sometimes, everything seems to work fine, and I finish recording and push the "stop" button. Then, the "Connecting" gif rolls around in an endless loop.  In an instance this evening, I finished recording, saved it, and then went to check it. A message displayed advising something akin to the media file in a conversion process and to please wait.  An hour later, it still showed this (and from another computer).  Sometimes, I can record one to two without issue, then it occurs.  I can usually never get more than two-three to work at a stretch, requiring me to shut down the assignment (and sometimes the browser) and restarting.


I wasted 30 minutes of time in the last two hours alone.


Most of the assignments also have Turnitin enabled.


When is Canvas going to upgrade the system from Flash to something newer and more reliable, such as HTML5?  Based on what I have read on your system regarding this issue, it is an old one.