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Custom Roles and Analytics Beta?

Question asked by Adrienne Gauthier on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by Adrienne Gauthier

hiya - I'm wondering if this is intended behavior. We have a custom role built off TA for our Learning Fellows (undergrad learning assistants) --- which --- has any permission relating to seeing Grades or Analytics turned off.

These include:

  • View Analytics - Pages
  • Grades - Select final grade for moderation
  • Grades - View audit trail
  • Grades - edit
  • Grades - view all grades
  • Submissions - view and make comments


However - this Learning Fellow role can see Analytics Beta, can see the student tables/grades. Interestingly - we have these same permissions turned off for our Course Designer role, and that role can also see Analytics Beta and student table/grades.


Is this intended that specific role permissions aren't being obeyed by Analytics Beta?






Tammie Patten and Jane Hamblin