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Error when importing Sections CSV

Question asked by Traci Holinger on Jul 22, 2015
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I received the following error when importing the Sections into the courses.  I have looked at the guides and cross-checked my csv file with the sample and I cannot find the error in the file. Here is the error that I am receiving "no course_id", however I double checked and my course_id matches the SIS Course ID on the course. Any suggestions are appreciated.


Canvas Error:

attachment_24947120150722-427-1b2u94m.csv - No course_id given for a section WGLSQLA315278-13595.Semester 1


Excel File:


section_id                 course_id                              name          status

WGLS-95.sem1       2015-16.SCI101.Smith.S1     Red Day     Active