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Are your links to specific modules working in mobile?

Question asked by Sharmaine Regisford on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by Hans Magnus Mikalsen Nedreberg



I use the Canvas App on my Android phone and my links to specific modules on the modules page (from a wiki page) are not behaving as they should. For instance, when I'm trying to goto Lesson 4, it used to take me to the lesson 4 module, now instead it just takes me to the first module on the modules page.


It it just me/my phone or is it happening to anyone else? Is it happening in iOS too?


Tagging in some folks who may have insights: Peyton Craighill, Kristin Lundstrum, Ryan Seilhamer


Any help is appreciated,
Cheers - Shar