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Rubric not showing as saved?

Question asked by Martin Cockroft on Oct 30, 2018
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A faculty member at my institution called to say that when she evaluates a student using the Canvas rubric and hits "save," there's no indication that the rubric has been completed. She has to refresh the page to see the completed (or saved) rubric. She said this is happening no matter what browser she uses.


I just tested this in Chrome and was able to reproduce the issue. I found the rubric sometimes showed as saved and sometimes did not. For reference, here is a screenshot of my test rubric setup:


I evaluate a student as follows:


After I press save, the rubric should show up like this (and does in this case):


I go to the next student in Speedgrader and evaluate using the rubric. After I press save, this is all that shows up:


The saved rubric does not display. I see the grade points, but I have to refresh the browser to see the saved rubric:


As the faculty member pointed out, this is especially problematic when the rubric is not used for assignment grading, as nothing indicates the rubric has been saved (no points display in this case).


Is this an issue with the rubric upgrade? Neither of us have ever experienced this issue before.##