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How to help Users in China who cannot use Google link to access Canvas?

Question asked by Yick Oi Janet Ho Ho on Oct 28, 2018
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As a local Admin, how can I help the users in China access the Canvas site without going through Google? (Google cannot be used in China.) 


The question is, even though the invitation for registration goes into their email box in China, they cannot set up the password because the link in their emails does not work in China.


A webpage for direct access has been created for them to login with the ID, but since the password cannot be set, and so it is still inaccessible.


I have tried to use my email address to help set up the password for them. However, my single email can only work for one account, and repetitive uses are not allowed. Therefore, it is still a failure. 


Please help with this urgent problem. Thank you  very much!