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Automatically sum points of assignment questions

Discussion created by Irma Ravkic on Oct 30, 2018
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It would be great if Canvas had a way to sum all the points we annotate in free documents (assignments). For example, if a student submitted the following answer document:


A1 --- some text here

some text here

some text here


A2 --- a bunch of text here


we should be able to put annotation to both A1 and A2 with the points we gave to those answers. Then Canvas would automatically sum all the points in those boxes and we don't have to do it manually. I am a programmer, and this shouldn't be too complicated to add. Just add special boxes for Points that are summed in a Total Points field. I am sorry if this functionality already exists (quizzes have this already), but it is not supported for assignments.


P.S. Sorry if this is not the place to write this. Please let me know where this would be more visible.