Eric Whitmer

Highlighting Music Track

Discussion created by Eric Whitmer on Nov 1, 2018

I have a faculty member who wants to create a highlight overlay similar to this YouTube video he sent me. We use Camtasia 2018, does it have anything like that in it, as I tried to find something and couldn't.


Does anyone know if Camtasia have something like this and if not, we're open to suggestions.


Thank you.


Here's what he sent me (Name has been removed for anonymity):


   Can you tell me what I’d need to use to create something like this?  It looks like a lot of it in Camtasia, but I’m REALLY    interested in the moving, highlighted bars that follow along with the score.  Would you know what else, if anything, I’d need    to do that?  Or, if it’s possible in Camtasia, how I get that effect?