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Student Hub for +40k Students?

Question asked by Dave Dieckmeyer on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Dave Dieckmeyer

We are interested in creating a "Student Hub" for our community college. Our initial thoughts on the idea are to create a course and enroll every student we have in it -- that would be somewhere in the realm of 40K - 50K students! 


So we came up with a few initial questions of concern. Any additional thoughts are appreciated: 


  1. Can all of our students be enrolled in the same class at once?
  2. Is there any degradation in performance if 40 or 50k students are in the same course?
  3. What ideas can you come up with that would help add new students, and remove graduated students, per semester, in perpetuity?


We're assuming that there's no restriction on course life duration. That end dates are not required and that we could simply create a term without them.


Any thoughts, objections, or knee jerk reactions?