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Question asked by Andrea Einspahr on Nov 1, 2018
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Is there a way to set up a quiz/survey where later questions will be based on the answer of a previous question?


I am using the quiz/survey to collect data from my students.  I want to ask a multiple choice option of "Will you graduate in Dec. 2018?"  If the answer is yes, it will go to a set of grad-related questions.  If the answer is no, it will skip those grad-related questions and go straight to the next section.  The screenshot below shows how it worked in Google Quiz.


I have used Google Quiz in the past but would like everything concentrated under the Canvas site.  I figure I could use mastery paths, but then I have to worry about everyone making it through all 6 survey sections when with Google Quiz, they only had to complete 1 item.  Thanks in advance!