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Linking Questions to Outcomes

Question asked by Gideon Williams on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by Gideon Williams

So been playing about with in practice for some staff training and the final part of the jigsaw was to create Outcomes in a course and then link individual quiz questions to these.


After a 24 hr wait (time it takes for outcomes to be recognised by the Quiz) , I managed to create 3 outcomes:

And in detail....

I was then able to add the individual questions in my quiz to one of the three rubrics eg


So I thought everything was hunky dory when I got some staff to do the quiz.


I looked at the Outcomes Report for Johnny Canvas (made up student):

Bizarrely, it says he scored 11/44 marks for the quiz for each Outcome???

I then clicked on the Outcome headings to see what his average point score was. Each average point score was the same:


Clearly something has gone awry?!?



I get why the point score is 1.54 as 1.54/4 = 0.385 which is the same as my overall score of 18.5/48


Firstly I was expecting to see 3 individual scores underneath the 3 outcomes reflecting the scores I had got for the questions that were aligned with them:

  • The questions aligned to Family Guy total 13 marks
  • The questions aligned to Scooby Do  total 17 marks
  • The questions aligned to The Simpsons total 20 marks
  • (One question is shared by 3 outcomes)

I then expected to see a different AVG SCORE for each outcome


I don't get why, if I have assigned individual quiz questions to the outcome, am I getting the same blanket score across each. Can anyone please help?