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Student cannot view peer review that I assign manually?

Question asked by Michael Moore on Nov 3, 2018
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Greetings, Kind Canvas Folks! 


I have successfully used the "Assign Manually" approach to peer reviews before -- and I like it! -- but there's a potential wrinkle this time. I have assigned them in groups of three, and I can see them arranged just fine, like usual, as one expect them to look.


One student sent me a screenshot and cannot access the peer reviews assignment for this week, or her assigned partners. All she can see is "Mark Read" -- 


Graded Discussion in Canvas Instructions


But we can see the students to whom she has been assigned.


What could this mean? We have speculated that she won't see her assigned peer review entries until her team members have posted work, but that seems illogical. 


Any thoughts?


Thanks so much!