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fill in the blank questions on quiz

Question asked by Linda Blakley on Nov 2, 2018
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I am want to use a fill in the blank. I followed what i thought the direction were saying about using brackets[   ], but after I update, the answers are in the brackets in the question. any idea what I am doing wrong? 


50. The St John's School of Nursing pin was designed by Sr. Magdalene Wiedlocher, OSF in 1916. Sr. Wiedlocher, OSF was Director of the School from 1912-1933.

Fill in the Blanks:

The Gold and the Cross signify [truth]  and the readiness to suffer in behalf of the [truth] . 

Blue is in [honor] of the Mother of God, worn to express the [hope] that she may watch over and protect the nurse.

The White background symbolizes the [purity] of the nurse's own life. 

The meaning of the word "[duty]"  emphasizes the threefold [duty] of the nurse--to God, to self, to others.