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Looking for Hispanic, Latina, Latino, Latinx Education Leaders

Discussion created by Samantha Tackett on Nov 6, 2018

Hello K-12 educators!

I am looking for recommendations for people to survey and possibly interview (phone/online). We are trying to find people who are from Florida's community of Educational Leaders AND who also identify as Hispanic, Latina, Latino, or Latinx. Does anyone know (or know of) a person that they could recommend to us?


We welcome self-nominations too! We are open to contacting all individuals in a Leadership position (e.g., school-level, county-level, district-level) for their participation. If you can tell me the names of individuals who meet this criteria and their school (or county), then we can seek out their contact information. 


If you have the person's contact information, please don't post it here :-)

Our team's email address is:

Or, you are welcome to give us the person's name and contact information by phone or text at this number: 850-296-0730.


We welcome suggestions even If you are not certain that the person would qualify.


Thank you, we definitely want to contact anyone that the K-12 community would identify as a leader.


Samantha Tackett, Ph.D.

Florida State University