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Should I create a question or a discussion? How is the "Correct Answer" flag applied?

Discussion created by Stefanie Sanders Administrator on Jul 23, 2015
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Branched from an earlier discussion

As a result of a question posed in the Q & A space, a question was quickly--perhaps too quickly--marked with a Correct Answer flag. In response to John Buell, I took full blame for quickly marking that question with the Correct Answer flag--mainly because in that case, I felt that Chris Hofer's suggestion to contact support was the best approach for something this specific and one that we in the Community could not readily replicate. Even so, a question with a Correct Answer flag doesn't disappear from view, and when a question is well tagged, it will remain prominent in search results. (By the way, here's the original question--now a discussion--that sparked the exchange: Canvas iOS App Lag? Delays seeing new course edits? )


This gave rise to John's question below: When is a question a question, and when is it a discussion? How and why do questions get a Correct Answer flag?


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