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Fast way to grade complete/incomplete submissions?

Question asked by Holly Nerone on Nov 4, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Holly Nerone

Hi all -



I frequently set up assignments on a Complete/Incomplete basis, for things such as students submitting a topic for a future paper or presentation. I love this as it gives them an item on their "to do" list, helps me keep track, allows me to message students that have not yet chosen a topic, etc. I also use this for the "Introductions" forums, just to be sure that each student has actually posted an intro.


Here's the question that I (and other faculty at my university) have -

Does Canvas allow instructors to assign a grade of "Complete" to all students that have a submission, in one step - a bulk-grading feature?


This would eliminate having to click through each student's submission and manually change the grade to Complete, on specific assignments where review is not really needed. Clearly it is prudent to review each submission most of the time, but when this feature is being used to ensure students have the benefit of something appearing on their to-do list and to help the instructor use the "message students who" feature - etc. - it would be nice to be able to simply change all students' grades that have a submission, to Complete.


Thank you for any suggestions/feedback!