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Converting File Upload Assignment to Turnitin Assignment

Question asked by Jason Smith on Nov 6, 2018
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This is my university's first semester with Canvas, and I ran into a challenge/problem with creating an assignment that I thought was going to use Turnitin.  


I created an "Assignment" on Canvas and chose "Online" and "File Upload" as the submission type, thinking that this would then allow me to review those papers in Turnitin.  After the students uploaded the assignments, I went to begin grading them and realizaed that Turnitin wasn't "attached" to these submissions.  After researching it, I learned about the need to change the Submission Type to "External Tool" and choosing Turnitin.  This will work well for future assignments, but I'm wondering if there's a way to take the files that are already submitted and transfer them into a newly-created Turnitin assignment where I can use that tool to grade them?  (If needed, I could download each of the submissions and then upload them myself into the new assignment, but I don't see a way for the instructor to upload a file into the students' assignment.)


Given the due date has passed, students have already uploaded their files, and I want/need to review them in Turnitin, what can I do to get these files available to me in Turnitin?  Thanks for any help you can provide!