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Make Teacher App Match Student App (Suggestion)

Question asked by Dorothy Sedia on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by Dorothy Sedia

Is there a way to make the teacher app look or at least show all of the same things a student sees? For example, when I go into the teacher app to demonstrate where to find something, "Modules" is not on the navigation pane of the teacher app, but it is on the student app navigation pane. It can be very confusing when trying to demonstrate something or show them where to go in a classroom, but students are not viewing the same thing. This was a cause for frustration because for whatever reason, there is a glitch where Canvas is not having assignments appear under "Assignments" in the student app and I have to talk several students through what to do and cannot show them because:


A. Teacher app does not have modules, student app does, assignment appears in modules

B. Teacher app has assignments, student app does, but assignment is not showing up


I have done all I know how to do to make everything work, this has been a weird, recent issue.


Thanks in advance.