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Blueprint not updating associated courses

Question asked by Ariel Jagusztyn on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Ken Black

A question about Blueprint: It's the middle of our trimester. I have synced content before successfully and I have tried to sync an assignment that I have modified, but the assignment does not sync in the associated course and therefore does not reflect the changes.


Is there a list somewhere of what Blueprints can and cannot sync effectively, what to watch out for, etc. Is this a problem I should escalate to Canvas or have I done something wrong? I know my courses are associated properly. 


Some of the associated courses have received the change, and others did not. I am trying to find a pattern.


I thought it was due to instructor's adding a due date and not getting the change, and that may be the case. Could it be that once an instructor "edits" an assignment, it won't get Blueprint syncs on that particular assignment. How do we work around this or again, is it a Canvas-related escalation?