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Discussion created by Jamie Ackley on Nov 8, 2018

Hi All,


My colleagues and I were brainstorming ways to have instructors hold virtual office hours in Canvas.  For now, we have instructors using the Scheduler Appointment Groups to create the time slots.  However, when they go into their course, they need to create a Big Blue Button conference for each individual student who signed up.  We need to do this for security reasons, as sometimes students signup for office hours to discuss private issues.  Setting up private conferences in each course can be time consuming for the instructor, to first set up, then make sure to invite the student to that conference. 


It would be really nice if an instructor created the time slots in Appointment Groups - and under location, an instructor can select "online virtual office hours" and it would automatically create a conference in the course and invite that particular student.


Has anyone else had similar requests from their faculty?




Jamie Ackley