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add multiple answer or question fields at a time

Question asked by Ellen B Cutler on Nov 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by Ellen B Cutler

While I imagine the answer is "no," is there any way to add multiple "possible answers" (distractors for matching questions) at once when creating a question?


Yes, I am whining again about the work-around for creating matching questions that match images to text. I generally have 10 images and 10 matching texts and I have to add 8 fields, one at a time, for each image (in addition to typing in all 10 possible texts for all 10 images). It's just a lot of tedious, time-consuming and really unnecessary work.


I realize that Canvas remains resistant to creating matching question formats that include images/videos/non text, although I truly don't know why. If there were ANY way to make the work-around less labor intensive, though, I would be deeply and eternally grateful.  Thanks!