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Setting up SSO with Oauth2 or SAML

Question asked by Chris Wyborn on Nov 11, 2018
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I am looking for some advice on using Single Sign On with Canvas.


We use a CSM product called iMIS for holding our members information including their credentials for logging in to our website.  We have been advised that iMIS uses Oauth2 for SSO, however we are having a lot of problems configuring the iMIS Oauth2 to work with Canvas.


We seem to be stuck between what Canvas engineers advise is required and what our iMIS provider insists is required for SSO to work with iMIS.


The message below sums up the stand-off.


The oAuth2.0 implementation in iMIS RiSE which handles the Single Sign On provides and delivers the authorization code via a POST. The oAuth2.0 implementation which Canvas have (i.e. OpenID connect) does the Single Sign On via a GET. As far as I understand this is where the process is failing.


After more than 4 months trying to get the SSO to work we have started looking at other options, including SAML.  From what we can ascertain there are providers who can offer a SAML integration with iMIS, however these are expensive solutions and I wanted to know if anyone has had similar problems or has successfully used SAML for SSO by integrating with their CSM product.