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Options for creating a course in which no student can see another student?

Question asked by John Willingham on Nov 12, 2018
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A requirement for a course that one of our programs needs to create is that the students in the course not be able to see any other student that is enrolled in the course.


This seems to be fairly easy except for one big glaring exception, the People page. You can take the People page out of your course menu but if a student types /users at the end of the course URL, they are able to see all of the users in the course. The Discussion page works this way too.

The other page types do not work this way. If you hide the Pages page, then students get a message that says "That page has been disabled for this course."  I want the People page, the Discussions page and the Groups page to all work that way too.

I understand that this has been a topic in discussions about the section tool.

Can anyone point me to prior discussions about this or tell me if there are any feature requests for this?

Thank you,

John Willingham