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Downloading an *.ipynb but saved as *.ipynb.txt from Canvas.

Question asked by Zhenghong Zhang on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2019 by Stuart Ryan

Hi all!

I have a question regarding to downloading an ipython Jupyter Notebook file from Canvas.

I am using Canvas to download a Jupyter Notebook file (*.ipynb) from canvas, but the file downloaded was added a txt extension (which reveals the json content of the file). I wonder whether this is a bug of Canvas while resolving the request.


The setup of the system is:

macOS Mojave 10.14 / 10.14/1 (I tried on two devices)

Safari 12.0.1 using its default downloader (using Chrome downloads the file fine)


Detailed description:

When using jupyter notebook to create a notebook, it is saved as *.ipynb. The file is ultimately a json. When using the setup to download such an ipynb file from Canvas, it is saved as *.ipynb.txt, and I have to manually remove the .txt extension to view the file.

I think this is a problem either of Canvas, or Safari's integration with Canvas. I have tried downloading the instructor's file, creating an ipynb and uploading and downloading it myself, even at another institution's canvas. Thus I think posting a question here might help.


The attachment is

1. sample.ipynb, a notebook I created to test

2. sample.ipynb.txt, the file I downloaded from canvas after I uploaded sample.ipynb.