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New course visible under under wrong account

Question asked by Alexei B on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by Suzy Jackson


After last refresh of our Canvas Beta environment weird situation developed:

We have main account A and a child account B (actually grand child)

I am an admin for the child account.

If I create a new course under child account B I don't see it under B, but I can find it under parent account A.

However course sub account is set correctly to B.

In the production environment everything works as it did before: If I create new course under account B it shows up under that account.

What could be the reason for this behavior and how to fix it?


Thank you very much!


Apparently there was an issue with the system.

Beta had stalled on several jobs, At the end of the day everything started working, and a bunch of my "lost" courses appeared without any further actions from me.


Thank you everybody for the help.