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Linking quiz questions to the question bank?

Question asked by Greg Johnson on Nov 12, 2018
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Hi. I'm back to Canvas after five years with Blackboard. One feature that I really appreciate in Blackboard is the option to link questions that are in quizzes with the copies that are in the question pools. Thus, when I edit a question that's in a quiz, the change is reflected in the version of that question that's in the pool (and the reverse also works). 

I recall that, when I used Canvas before, once a question was in a quiz, it was complete unlinked from the version in the question bank, and so any changes to the question in one place wouldn't be reflected in the other. It looks like that's still the case. Is that right? Is there any kind of solution? (I'm a compulsive editor, I guess, but I don't like have to make the edits twice once I've created a quiz.)