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What is the Canvas LTI set up from an admin perspective?

Question asked by SAGE CanvasAdmin on Nov 14, 2018
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I've set up this work flow for making an LTI connection in the Free for Teachers account, but I'm curious to know if there is a better or maybe global way to set up an LTI in a university setting.


As an Instructor:

1. Enter your Canvas LMS Course
2. Click on the Settings
3. Click on Apps
4. Click on View App Configurations
5. Click the +App button to add a new LTI tool

6. Fill out the Add App form
o Select Manual Entry
o Enter a Name 
o Enter the Consumer Key
o Enter the Shared Secret
o Enter the base URL 
o Enter the domain
o Set Privacy to Public
o Click Submit

7. Create a new Assignment
o copy the LTI URL from your Tool Provider
o Enter your Canvas LMS Course
o Click the Assignments link
o Click the +Assignment button to add a new assignment
o Fill out the Assignments form
 Enter a Name for the assignment
 Set the points, if applicable 
 Paste the LTI URL copied from the Tool Provider 
 Check the "Load This Tool In a New Tab" checkbox
 Click the Save & Publish button

Thoughts, Ideas, Recommendations? Does anyone have help on this from a non free instance?