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create a page using API and update page body

Question asked by Chun Li on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by James Jones



I am trying to use API to create a Canvas page with page body. I am using the library from 

This is in Google Apps Script.


var pageData =
"url": "api2",
"title": "api2",
"created_at": "datetime",
"updated_at": "datetime",
"hide_from_students": false,
"editing_roles": "",
"last_edited_by": "User",
"body": "<p>content1</p>",
"published": false,
"front_page": false,
"locked_for_user": false,
"lock_info": "LockInfo",
"lock_explanation": ""

var createPage = canvasAPI("POST /v1/courses/112233/pages", pageData ); 


The page could be created but there is no content. So the body value is not there. Does anyone h##ave ideas about why?