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Notifications for replies to a post (question/suggestion)

Question asked by Matthew Lebel on Nov 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2018 by Matthew Lebel

I am fairly sure this is not possible (if it is I would be thrilled) but this is something that I would love to see added. 


I am a student and my school recently switched to Canvas from another platform. Every week in class by mid-week, we are asked to respond to a prompt and post it in a discussion forum. Then we participate in the discussion by replying to each others posts (a minimum of two replies per week) until the week ends on Sunday night. Our old platform would sent me an email and a push notification when someone replied to something that I posted and I could then go back in and answer their question or continue the conversation. This made discussions engaging (which was the purpose of them) and I would usually end up posting more than the required amount by the end of the week. Canvas, unfortunately, doesn't notify me of replies to my posts. The only way I know is if I go back in and find my post in the sea of other posts and look for replies. Then, when I reply back, that person doesn't see my reply unless they go back in and search for it. This has really limited the discussion and has taken a lot of the value away from having them.


I see there are two options for discussion notifications but when I have adjusted them I either get a vague message of a list of people who posted anything, or I get an individual email for every single post that anyone posts. There are a lot of people posting and I can't spend hours reading every single response but I do want to be able to have a discussion with other students. I'd like to get an email every time someone replies to something that I posted (both my initial post or one of my replies to their post), but I don't want to wake up to an inbox with 49 new messages with every single post in all my classes.


If this is not possible to do now, where can I submit it as a suggestion?